About the Author

Li'Shey Johnson

Li’Shey Johnson has over twenty years as a professional in the hotel, hospitality, and event planning industry and founder of Heart and Soul Hospitality CDC. Ms. Johnson has been recognized, nominated, and has received numerous awards for her professionalism, dedication, and excellence in community service.

Ms. Johnson was nominated for Women of the Year in 2011 in the field of gaming, hotel, and hospitality industry. Ms. Johnson remains active in the community as founder of Heart and Soul Hospitality CDC founded on October 2012. Heart and Soul Hospitality CDC assists youth in developing culinary, hotel, and hospitality skills and employment through its workforce training and development programs.

Ms. Johnson continuously employs her visions while exhibiting her energy to bring new programs and innovations to the gaming, hotel, and hospitality industry through her dedication and passion.

As founder of Heart and Soul Hospitality CDC and leader, Ms. Johnson has established a culture where Heart and Soul Hospitality CDC is recognized as a premier provider of community resource education, information services through its unique hospitality training, and development programs for individuals seeking access to employment despite economic hardships and disparities.